How To Create a High-Converting Lead Magnet


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How To Create a High-Converting Lead Magnet

About the Course

Know you need a lead magnet to grow your business but have no idea how to create one that your audience will love?

Learn the characteristics of a high-converting lead magnet. Includes little-known secret methods to find the best lead magnet ideas for your target audience.

Course content

video1.1: Introduction Start
video1.2: Lead Magnet 101 Start
video1.3: The 8 Elements of a High-Converting Lead Magnet Start
video1.4: Lead Magnet Formats Start
video2.1: Finding Ideas From Your Audience Start
video2.2: Little-Known Methods to Finding Lead Magnet Ideas Start
video3.1: Write a Catchy Title Start
video3.2: Create the Lead Magnet Start
video3.3: Tools & Resources Start
video4.1: Using Your Website Start
video4.2: Using a Landing Page Start
video4.3: Using Social Media Start
video✨ Congratulations! Start
video➡ Next Step Start
Mui Tsun

Mui Tsun

Business Coach

Course Instructor

Hi! My name is Mui Tsun. I'm a business coach and I help coaches and service-based professionals grow their business the non-icky way.

I’ve been running my own business since I quit my 9-to-5 in 2005, and work on 2 other businesses with my husband. I’ve been around before online business was a thing, and seen how the whole online landscape has evolved.

Being my own boss has allowed me the freedom to live life on my own terms. By sharing my experience and insights, I want to help you do the same.

You can find me at